“Covid toes”

22 April 2020

A very interesting development in the last few days has been the occurrence of chilblains in the feet of people infected by CoV-2.  Clearly CoV-2 is getting into the bloodstream of patients, and this suggests that the virus often settles in and can infect the coldest parts of the body such as the toes, as predicted by the TDVT hypothesis / M4.  This implies that CoV-2 has indeed retained some temperature-sensitivity.  When I wrote my review in Medical Hypotheses in 2016 I thought carefully about where viruses might to grow if they were temperature-sensitive, as I was suggesting.  Following this reasoning, I proposed looking for viral infections in chilblains and chapped lips.

Covid toes 4

The TDVT Hypothesis, as explained by my friend Brian.

For a general discussion of the seasonality of respiratory viruses, written for the layperson, please see  Every winter, colds and flu increase

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