Covid-19 developments

This page summarizes my short posts about news items that cropped up.

4 May 2020.  Covid-19 epidemics in meat factories and slaughterhouses

Standing still outside and shivering are know to be correlated with increased risk of dying from respiratory illness.


22 April 2020  “Covid toes”

CoV-2 seems to have retained enough temperature-sensitivity to cause chilblains in the coldest parts of the body.

Covid toes 4


The TDVT Hypothesis, as explained by my friend Brian.

For a general discussion of the seasonality of respiratory viruses, written for the layperson, please see

Every winter, colds and flu increase

For detailed scientific information about the seasonality of respiratory viruses, including discussion of the trade-off model, viral dormancy and much else, see my 2016 paper:

Shaw Stewart, PD.  Seasonality and selective trends in viral acute respiratory tract infections. Medical Hypotheses 2016; 86 104–119.


Shaw Stewart PD, Bach JL. Temperature dependent viral tropism: understanding viral seasonality and pathogenicity as applied to the avoidance and treatment of endemic viral respiratory illnesses. Reviews in Medical Virology. 2021 May 3:e2241.

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